[After curving off the road during conversation and hitting something, Peter looks under the car.] Peter: Aw... shit, man, we just ran over a Chinaman.
Anthony: You're saying there's a Chinaman under this truck?
Peter: What part of that didn't make sense to you? There's a Chinaman under the ****ing truck!
Anthony: Well what did he do just? Just jump out in the middle of the road?
Peter: We gotta pull out of there. I think we can do it by his arms.
Anthony: You pull on that arm and it's gonna come off. Now here's an idea, let's just get back in the car and drive until he falls off.
Peter: Or we can pull him out and drop him off at a hospital.
Anthony: You start pulling on that fool's arm and it's gonna fall off. Then you are gonna be standing in the street holding a Chinaman's arm. Then what's your ass gonna do?
Peter: If we leave him here he dies, then we're up for murder charges. Now how 'bout you just come down here, grab an arm, and help me pull him out, dog?
Anthony: Shit.
[They both start pulling the man out]
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