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Commander Robert Iverson
Dr. Conrad Zimsky
Dr. Edward Brazelton
Dr. Josh Keyes
Rat/Theodore J. Finch

Oh come on you're a bunch of suicidal morons!! What are you, crazy?! Plan C? "Restart the core somehow?" Oh that's a great idea! That's a brilliant idea! I can't believe I'm stuck on this floating septic tank with you lunatics! You may have nothing to lose, you may have nothing to lose, you may have nothing to lose, but I have my life to lose thank you very much while you're up! Now turn it around! He told us to go back, and we're going back! Why? You wanna be a hero? You wanna be a martyr? What do you want to be? You're out of your minds! Thank you!

OK, if I decide to do this, I'm gonna need an unlimited supply of Xena tapes, and Hot Pockets.

Your Kung-Fu is not strong!

Go ahead and throw up, I know I did...

Leadership isn't about ability; it's about responsibility.

Let me smoke a cigarette first and I'll tell you.

Destini, meet world. World, meet Destini.

[Speaking to Zimsky about the number of languages he spoke] I speak one. One Zero One Zero Zero. With that I could steal your money, your secrets, your sexual fantasies, your whole life. In any country, any time, any place I want. We multitask like you breathe. I couldn't think as slow as you if I tried.

[refering to a virus he created] This is my Kung-Fu and it is strong!

Here, now you have free long distance on this phone... forever.

Are you going to be doing that Carl Sagan narration all the way down to the core?

[After Iverson questions him about the core] Yes, yes, yes, yes, and what if the core is made of cheese? This is all best guess commander. That's all science is, is best guess.

In a year, everyone on Earth is dead.

You guys aren't here to throw the book at me are you, cause I was kinda hoping to have sex before that happens!

[standing in front of a wall of PC towers] Ok, I know these look like computers - totally not!