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The Core

The Core quotes

21 total quotes

Commander Robert Iverson
Dr. Conrad Zimsky
Dr. Edward Brazelton
Dr. Josh Keyes
Rat/Theodore J. Finch

[Speaking to Zimsky about the number of languages he spoke] I speak one. One Zero One Zero Zero. With that I could steal your money, your secrets, your sexual fantasies, your whole life. In any country, any time, any place I want. We multitask like you breathe. I couldn't think as slow as you if I tried.

[refering to a virus he created] This is my Kung-Fu and it is strong!

[After Iverson questions him about the core] Yes, yes, yes, yes, and what if the core is made of cheese? This is all best guess commander. That's all science is, is best guess.

Let me smoke a cigarette first and I'll tell you.

Oh come on you're a bunch of suicidal morons!! What are you, crazy?! Plan C? "Restart the core somehow?" Oh that's a great idea! That's a brilliant idea! I can't believe I'm stuck on this floating septic tank with you lunatics! You may have nothing to lose, you may have nothing to lose, you may have nothing to lose, but I have my life to lose thank you very much while you're up! Now turn it around! He told us to go back, and we're going back! Why? You wanna be a hero? You wanna be a martyr? What do you want to be? You're out of your minds! Thank you!

[standing in front of a wall of PC towers] Ok, I know these look like computers - totally not!

[to the FBI agents] Call me Rat. My handle's Rat.

[replying to Dr. Keyes's help request]You want me to hack the planet?

Here, now you have free long distance on this phone... forever.

OK, if I decide to do this, I'm gonna need an unlimited supply of Xena tapes, and Hot Pockets.

Your Kung-Fu is not strong!

You guys aren't here to throw the book at me are you, cause I was kinda hoping to have sex before that happens!

Destini, meet world. World, meet Destini.

Go ahead and throw up, I know I did...

Why don't you use a credit card and get air miles?