Sanka: So what are we going to name the sled?
Junior: How about, Taloola.
Rest of team: [Laughing] Taloola.
Sanka: Sounds like a two-dollar hooker. How'd you come up with that?
Junior: Hey, that's my mother's name. [Team converses in agreement]
Sanka: [to Derice] What's it gonna be, star? What are the people gonna be screaming when Jamaica takes the hill?
Derice: We say in kind, 'Cool Runnings.'
Junior: Beautiful, I like that.
Yul: Very strong.
Coach Irv: Very nice, but what exactly does it mean?
Derice: Cool runnings means, peace be to journey.
Team: [Toasting] Cool Runnings.
Sanka: [Toasting] To the man in the orange suit.
Messenger: Excuse me...
Sanka: [Toasting] To the messenger.
Coach Irv: [Ashen-faced, after reading the letter] We are officially...disqualified.
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