Derice: I'm not worried and we have good coach.
Larry: I hate to say it but uh, you've got to wake up, Coach Blitzer is what's killing you. He's been useless since the day he was busted.
Derice: Whatcha mean busted?
Larry: The '72 Games, guy hid weights in the front of the sled to make it go faster.
Derice: So what? It's no big deal.
Larry: Having your gold medals taken away for cheating is a big deal!
Coach Irv: [sees the conversation] Derice, let's go, we got a big meeting. [Derice leaves, then Irv speaks to Larry] Giving my kid a few pointers, Larry?
Larry: Your kid's gonna need all the help he can get...[marches up to Irv] Coach.
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