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Jimmy Rabbitte
Jimmy Rabbitte, Sr.
Multiple Characters

Jimmy Rabbitte: [talking about kicking Ray out of the band] How did Ray take the news?
Derek: Not too bad. Said he was goin' solo.
Jimmy Rabbitte: He doesn't have much of a choice, does he?

Billy: Commitments?
Jimmy Rabbitte: It's a "the".
Deco: How do you spell it?
Jimmy Rabbitte: T-H-E.

[the band opens the "window" of the chippie van]
Rock Salmon Man: Excuse me, would you have any Rock Salmon?
Dean Fay: No, I'm sorry - we only have "Soul"!

Deco: If I'm gonna front this band, I like the sound of "Deco."
Billy: "Deco the bus conductor." Is that "top-Deco" or bottom-Deco"?

Jimmy Rabbitte: Who're you, then?
Joey: Are you the one startin' the band?
Jimmy Rabbitte: Yeah.
Joey: The name's Joseph Fagin. Joey "The Lips" Fagin.
Jimmy Rabbitte: [sarcastically] And I'm Jimmy "The Bollocks" Rabbitte
Joey: I get mine from my horn playing. How'd you get yours?
Jimmy Rabbitte: Don't get snotty with me.
Joey: I get snotty with no man.

Jimmy Rabbitte, Sr.: [referring to Joey] What did Evel Knievel want?
Jimmy Rabbitte: God sent him.
Jimmy Rabbitte, Sr.: What?
Jimmy Rabbitte: God sent him.
Jimmy Rabbitte, Sr.: On a ****ing Suzuki?

Steve: ****. ****. ****.
Natalie: That's three Hail Marys for you tomorrow.

Imelda: [about Deco] He eats like a pig.
Bernie: He's such a prick.
Natalie: Hasn't got the voice of a pig though. Joey says it belongs to God.
Billy: God should ask for it back.

Natalie: You all right, Jimmy?
Jimmy Rabbitte: Sure. They just get on my arse at times.
Natalie: Wanna share a taxi home?
Jimmy Rabbitte: For ****'s sake, Natalie. How could you ask me that after what I just said in there?
Natalie: Well if you weren't the manager, would you?
Jimmy Rabbitte: Would I what?
Natalie: ...take me home?
Jimmy Rabbitte: But I am the manager.

Billy: And you... George Michael... you ever call me a ****in' eejit again, you'll go home with the drumsticks stuck up your hole... the one you don't sing out of.
Deco: That'll be the day.
Billy: I'm tellin' ya it's coming, so keep your Vaseline handy.