[Dante and Randal have just returned from a wake]
Dante: I can't ****in' believe you!
Randal: I'm tellin' you, it wasn't my fault!
Dante: You knocked the casket over!
Randal: It was an accident!
Dante: (sarcastically) Like somebody knocks a casket over on purpose!
Randal: It wasn't a big deal!
Dante: Her ****in' body fell out!
Randal: Just put it back in; it's not like it matters if she breaks something!
Dante: Just go! Just go open the video store!
Jay: Yeah, open the video store!
Randal: Shut the **** up, junkie!
[Jay comes and farts on Randal and then hides behind Dante.]
Dante: Please, just go open the video store!
Jay: Yeah, you ****-smokin' clerk!
Dante: [to Jay] And what did I tell you about dealin' in front of the store?!
Jay: I'm not dealin' in front of the store!
[A guy walks up to Jay]
Random Person: You dealin'?
Jay: Yeah, man, what you want?
[Dante, resigned, walks angrily into the Quick Stop.]
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