[Randal has spit water at a customer.]
Dante: What the **** did you do that for?!
Randal: Two reasons. One, I hate it when the customers can't shut up about the stupid tabloid headlines.
Dante: Oh, Jesus!
Randal: And two, to prove a point, title does not dictate behavior.
Dante: What?!
Randal: If title dictated my behavior as a clerk serving the public, I wouldn't be allowed to spit water on that guy, but I did. My point is that people dicate their own behavior. Even though I work at a video store, I choose to rent videos at Big Choice. Agreed?
Dante: You're a danger to both the dead and the living.
Randal: I like to think that I am a master of my own destiny.
Dante: Please get the hell outta here!
Randal: You know I'm your hero.
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