Jay quotes

What's up, baby? What's up, sluts?

Yeah. Silent Bob, you're one rude mother****er, you know that? But, you're cute as hell. I could go down on you, suck you, line up three other guys, make like a circus seal. [a horn beeps] Ew, you ****ing ****. I hate guys! I love women! [Willam approaches them] Whatchoo want, Grizzly Adams?

I've had some girlfriends too, but all they wanted from me was weed and shit.

I don't care if she's my cousin or not, I'm gonna knock those boots again tonight.

I need some tits and ass! Yo, I'm feeling good tonight Silent Bob, we're gonna make some money, you know what we gonna do, we gonna go to that party, get some pussy. I'll **** this bitch, I'll **** this bitch, I'll **** anything that moves!

What the **** you looking at? I'll kick your ****ing ass! [to Silent Bob] Didn't that mother****er owe me like ten bucks? Tonight, we'll rip that ****er's head, take out his ****ing soul. Remind me next time he buys something to shit in the mother****er's bag.

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