Becky: [Teaching Dante how to dance] Ok, now we need some music.
[Walks to the side of roof]
Becky: Hey! Twelve Step! Jay!
Jay: [Looks up, puzzled] Lord?
Becky: Up here, jackass!
Jay: What the **** are you doin' up there? Yo, if you're going to jump, let me get a crack at that pussy first. Lemme find out.
Becky: You still have your boombox?
[Silent Bob nods and shows it to her]
Becky: Play something and turn it way up. Something danceable.
[to Dante]
Becky: Ok, just wait for the music.
[King Diamond begins to play]
Jay, Silent Bob: [Headbanging and mosh dancing]
Becky: Something a little less demonic please!
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