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City of Angels

City of Angels quotes

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Maggie Rice
Multiple Characters

Cassiel: If you knew what was going to happen, would you still have done it? Was it worth it?
Seth: I would rather have had one breath of her hair, one kiss from her mouth, one touch of her hand, than eternity without it. One.

Something happened in that room. I got this jolt that... something bigger is out there. Something bigger than me, bigger than you. Does that sound crazy?

No dying yet, Mr. Messinger. Not until you give me Seth's phone number.

We fight for people's lives, right? Do you ever wonder who it is we're fighting with?

[to Seth] When they ask me what I liked best, I'll tell them, it was you.

That doctor in the operating room. She stared right at me.

Some things are true whether you believe in them or not.

Nathaniel Messinger: [to Seth] I can't see you, but I know you're there.

Ann: Never date a guy who knows more about your vagina than you do.

Susan: What good would wings be if you couldn't feel the wind on your face?

Susan: Where are we going?
Seth: Home.
Susan: Can Mommy come?
Seth: No.
Susan: She won't understand.
Seth: She will someday.

Seth: Can I ask you something?
Susan: Yes?
Seth: What did you like best?
Susan: Pajamas.

Seth: The little girl asked if she could be an angel.
Cassiel: They all want wings.
Seth: I never know what to say.
Cassiel: Tell them the truth. Angels aren't human. We were never human.
Seth: What if I just make her a little pair of wings out of paper?

Maggie: Are you a visitor? Who are you visiting?
Seth: You.

'Maggie: He should have lived.
Seth: He is living. Just not the way you think.
Maggie: I don't ... believe in ... that.
Seth: Some things are true whether you believe them or not.