Lady Tremaine: Drizella? Drizella.
Drizella: Mmm? What?
Lady Tremaine: Get up. Quick, this instant. We haven't a moment to lose. [goes into Anastasia's room] Anastasia? Anastasia. Get up, Anastasia.
Anastasia: [yawning] Huh? What for? Why?
Lady Tremaine: Oh, everyone's talking about it. The whole kingdom. Oh, hurry now. He'll be here any minute.
Drizella: [yawning] Who will?
Lady Tremaine: The Grand Duke. He's been hunting all night.
Drizella: Hunting?
Lady Tremaine: For that girl. The one who lost her slipper at the ball last night. They say he's madly in love with her.
Anastasia: The Duke is?
Lady Tremaine: Oh, no, no, no. The Prince.
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