Cinderella: Oh please you don't think that I would—
Lady Tremaine: Hold your tongue! Now, it seems we have time on our hands.
Cinderella: But I was only trying to—
Lady Tremaine: Silence! Time for vicious practical jokes. Perhaps we can put it to better use. Now let me see... There's the large carpet in the main hall; clean it! And the windows—upstairs and down—wash them! Oh yes, and the tapestries and the draperies—
Cinderella: But I just finished—
Lady Tremaine: Do them again! And don't forget the garden. Then scrub the terrace, sweep the halls and the stairs, clean the chimneys. And of course there's the mending and the sewing and the laundry... Oh yes, and one more thing, see that Lucifer gets his bath.
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