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Multiple Characters quotes

Mr. Tumnus: Always winter, never Christmas.

Father Christmas: Winter is almost over ... and things do pile up when you've been gone a hundred years!

Susan: [reading the dictionary] "Gastrovascular"... Come on, Peter. "Gastrovascular".
Peter: Is it Latin?
Susan: Yes.
Edmund: Is it Latin for "worst game ever invented"?
[Susan shuts her dictionary]
Lucy: We could play hide and seek.
Peter: [sarcastically] But we're already having so much fun.

Lucy: [holds out her hand] Pleased to meet you.
[Mr. Tumnus looks at her hand curiously]
Lucy: Oh, you shake it.
Mr. Tumnus: Why?
Lucy: I don't know.

Lucy: Winter's not all bad. There's ice skating...and snowball fights...and oh! Christmas!
Mr. Tumnus: Not here. Here it's always winter, never Christmas. It's been a long winter.

Mr. Tumnus: It's not something I have done, Lucy Pevensie. It's something I'm doing.
Lucy: What are you doing?
Mr. Tumnus: [whispers in tears] I'm kidnapping you.

[During their game of hide-and-seek, when Lucy has just returned from Narnia for the first time]
Lucy: It's all right! I'm back, I'm all right!
Edmund: Shh, he's coming!
Peter: I don't think you two have quite got the idea of this game.
Lucy: But weren't you wondering where I was?
Edmund: That's the point. That's why he was seeking you!
Susan: [coming out of her hiding place] Does this mean I win?
Peter: I don't think Lucy wants to play anymore.
Lucy: But...I've been gone for hours.

Susan: It's our sister, Lucy.
Professor Kirke: The weeping girl.
Susan: Yes, sir. She's upset.
Professor Kirke: Hence the weeping.
Peter: It's nothing. We can handle it.
Professor Kirke: Oh, I can see that.

Peter: You're not saying you believe her?
Professor Kirke: What, and you don't?
Susan: Of course not. I mean, logically, it's impossible.
Professor Kirke: What do they teach in schools these days?

[After Peter hits Edmund with a cricket ball]
Peter: Whoops! Wake up, Dolly Daydream!
Edmund: Why can't we play hide-and-seek again?
Peter: I thought you said it was a kids game.
Susan: Besides, we could all use the fresh air.
Edmund: It's not like there isn't air inside....

[After Edmund bats a cricket ball through a stained glass window and knocks over a suit of armour]
Peter: Well done, Ed.
Edmund: You bowled it!

[When Peter and Susan have just arrived in Narnia for the first time]
Lucy: I'm sure it's just your imagination.
Peter: I don't guess saying we're sorry would quite cover it?
Lucy: No. It wouldn't. [Hits him with a snowball] But that might!

Peter: [to Edmund] You little liar!
Edmund: You didn't believe her either!
Peter: Apologize to Lucy.
[Edmund glares]
Peter: Say you're sorry--
Edmund: All right! I'm sorry!
Lucy: That's all right. Some little children just don't know when to stop pretending.
Edmund: Very funny.

Susan: But we can't go hiking in the snow...dressed like this!
Peter: No...but I'm sure the professor wouldn't mind if we borrowed these. [Hands all of them fur coats] Besides...if you think about it logically, we're not even taking them out of the wardrobe.
[Peter hands Edmund a coat]
Edmund: But that's a girl's coat!
Peter: I know.

Peter: He says he knows the faun.
Susan: He's a beaver! He shouldn't be saying anything!

Mrs. Beaver: Look at my fur. You couldn't give me ten minutes warning?
Mr. Beaver: I would've given you a week if I thought it would've helped.

White Witch: Tell me, Edmund, are your sisters deaf?
Edmund: No.
White Witch: And your brother, is he ... unintelligent?
Edmund: Well, I think so, but Mum says ...

Mr. Beaver: "When Adam's Flesh and Adam's bone sits in Cair Paravel in throne, the evil time will be over and done".
Susan: You know, that doesn't really rhyme.
Mr. Beaver: Yeah, I know it don't, but you're kind of missing the point!

Mr Beaver: Hurry! They're after us!
Peter: What's she doing? [Mr. Beaver shrugs]
Mrs. Beaver: You'll be thanking me later. It's a long journey, and Beaver gets pretty cranky when he's hungry.
Mr. Beaver: I'm cranky now!

[The Pevensies and Beavers get lost in the tunnels]
Mrs Beaver: You should've brought a map!
Mr Beaver: There wasn't room next to the jam!

Mr Beaver: [escaping the wolves] Badger and I dug this tunnel. It leads all the way to his house.
Mrs Beaver: You told me it led to your mum's!

Mr. Beaver: You take one more step, traitor, and I'll chew you to splinters!
Fox: Relax. I'm one of the good guys.
Mr. Beaver: Yeah? Well you look an awful lot like one of the bad ones!
Fox: An unfortunate family resemblance. But we can argue breeding later. Right now we've got to move.

Fox: [to wolves] Greetings, gents. Lost something, have we?
Maugrim: Don't patronise me! I know where your allegiance lies. We're looking for some humans.
Fox: [chuckling] Humans? Here in Narnia? That's a valuable bit of information, don't you think?

White Witch: Do you know why you're here, Faun?
Mr. Tumnus: Because I ... believe ... in a free ... Narnia.
White Witch: You're here, because he [points to Edmund] ... turned you in ... for sweeties!

Mr. Beaver: Come on, hurry up!
Peter: If he tells us to hurry up one more time, I'm gonna turn him into a big, fluffy hat!
Mr. Beaver: Hurry!

Lucy: [looking at a wide river] Don't beavers build dams?
Mr. Beaver: Hey, I'm not that fast, dear..

Susan: I'm just trying to be realistic!
Peter: No, you're trying to be smart. As usual!

Mrs. Beaver: You've been sneaking second helpings, haven't you?
Mr. Beaver: Well, you never know if your next meal's going to be your last. Especially with your cooking.

Fox: Forgive me, your Majesty.
White Witch: Don't waste my time with flattery!
Fox: Not to seem rude, but I wasn't actually talking to you. (looks at Edmund)

Peter: [looking out towards Cair Paravel] Aslan, I'm not who you think I am.
Aslan: Peter Pevensie, formerly of Finchley. Beaver also mentioned that you planned on turning him into a hat. [chuckles]

Edmund: [horse rears up] Whoa, Horsie!
Horse: My name is Phillip.
Edmund: Sorry.

Gryphon: They come, your highness, in numbers and weapons far greater than our own.
General Oreius: Numbers do not win a battle.
Peter: No, but I bet they help.

Peter: Are you with me?
General Oreius: To the death!

Mr. Tumnus: [of Aslan] He's not a tame lion.
Lucy: No ... but he is good.

Professor Kirke: [walking into the room as the children fall out of the wardrobe] What were you all doing in the wardrobe?
Peter: You wouldn't believe us if we told you, sir.
Professor Kirke: [tosses cricket ball to Peter] Try me!
Aslan "To the great western wood I give king Edmund The Just" Peter Pevensie "When are you gonna learn to grow up?" Edmund Pevensie Shut up you think your dad but your not"(stroms off)