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[Fowler is forced to share his bunk with Rocky]
Fowler: ABSOLUTELY OUTRAGEOUS! Asking a senior officer to share his quarters?! And with a non-commissioned Yank, no less! Why, back in my day, I'd never...
Rocky: Hey, you weren't exactly my first choice either. And scoot over, your wing's on my side of the bunk--
Fowler: "YOUR SIDE OF THE BUNK"?! The WHOLE bunk is MY side of the bunk!
Rocky: [snapping back] Just-- What's that smell, is that your breath?
Fowler: [grumbling] ... It's absolutely outrageous...

Rocky: You see, flying takes three things: Hard work, perseverance and... hard work.
Fowler: You said "hard work" twice.
Rocky: That's because it takes twice as much work as perseverance.

[Rocky and Ginger are in an oven] It's like an oven in here!

[After she fainted from a near-death experience] All me life flashed before me eyes. [disappointed] It was really borin'.

Keep pedalling! We're not there yet! You can't see paradise if you don't pedal!

Pushy Americans, always showing up late for every war. Overpaid, oversexed, and over here!


Miranda Richardson — Mrs. Tweedy

I don't want to be a pie! I don't like gravy.

[Ginger has been put on the pie macine, and can't get free]
Ginger: Oh great! Brilliant!
Rocky: Yo! baby doll!
Ginger: Rocky!
Rocky: I'm coming! [He begins slipping on the metal] I'm still coming!
Ginger: Come on! Stop this thing!
Rocky: I'm getting there!
[The machine releases Ginger. Rocky makes a grab at her but misses]
Rocky: Oh, shoot!
Ginger: ROCKY!
Rocky: Don't worry! I'll be down there before you can say...
[Mixed vegetables tumble towards him]

Tony Haygarth — Mr. Tweedy

[Ginger squawks loudly] Was your father, by any chance, a VULTURE?!

[After everyone is yelling]
Rocky: Where am I?
Ginger: Oh, yes how rude of us it's just that we're very exci- This is a chicken farm.
Babs: And we're the chickens.

[After everyone learns that Rocky cannot fly] I had a feeling he was a phoney all along. In fact, I'm not even certain he was American.

Julia Sawalha — Ginger