[The athletes are playing cricket in the ballroom of their hotel. Henry Stallard is the umpire; Aubrey Montague bowls a delivery to Eric Liddell, batting]
Henry Stallard: No ball!
Harold M. Abrahams: [desperate to get into bat] Come on, Aubrey, the old leg-break!
[Aubrey bowls another delivery, which deceivingly appears to have gotten Eric out]
Harold M. Abrahams: How zat!
Henry Stallard: Not out!
Harold M. Abrahams: What do you mean, not out? You could have heard it from bloddy Bournemouth! Come on, Liddell, my innings.
Eric Liddell: I didn't touch it, I swear it, must've been the crack of my wrist!
Harold M. Abrahams: He's out I tell you, you're all deaf - deaf and bloody blind! Aubrey I ask you, for God's sake!
[No responce from Aubrey, dramatic pause]
Harold M. Abrahams: [punching the air] It's not FAIR!
[The athletes break into laughter, Abrahams eventually joining them]
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