Cast Away

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Chuck Noland

[Explaining to his close friend how he will cope with losing his wife Kelly] I've got to keep breathing. Because tomorrow, the sun will rise. Who knows what the tide could bring?

[To Wilson] We might just make it. Did that thought ever cross your brain? Well, regardless, I would rather take my chance out there on the ocean than to stay here and die on this shithole island spending the rest of my life talking TO A GODDAMN VOLLEYBALL!!! [Kicks the volleyball off the cliff in a rage]

[After Wilson begins to float away] Wilson! I'm sorry, Wilson!

[To Wilson] Hey, you want to hear something funny? My dentist's name is James Spalding.

[To Wilson the volleyball, after doing some math] That's a search area of 500,000 square miles. That's twice the size of Texas. They may never find us.

This is our car. You kept our car. All right, now this is weird.

I should've never gotten on that plane. I should've never gotten out of the car.

"Honey, I love you, I see you soon, and you know what that means".