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Benny Blanco
Carlito Brigante
David Kleinfeld

Okay, Benny Blanco from the Bronx. The chick Steffie belongs to the club. Now if I ever, I mean if I ever, see you here again you die, just like that.

You’re over, man. You’re ****in’ in the history books. That’s where you are, man. So you might as well ****in’ kill me now, ‘cause if I ever see you again, swear to god, I’m gonna ****ing kill you.

I know how this dream ends, Charlie. It isn’t in paradise. It ends with me carrying you into Sutton Emergency Room at three o’clock in the morning. And standing there, crying like an idiot... while you’re shoes fill with blood and you die.

Hey, look, relax. You’re not dealing so he can’t have anything on you. That’s not possible. This is the way this guy is. He’s on a god damn fishing exhibition.

I mean, I don’t judge you. You know, Charlie. And what do you do that’s so wonderful? You ever kill anybody, Charlie?