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Carlito's Way

Carlito's Way quotes

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Benny Blanco
Carlito Brigante
David Kleinfeld

Yeah, I had a dream, Charlie, but now I’m awake. And I hate my dream.

You ain’t a lawyer no more, Dave. You’re a gangster now. You’re on the other side. Whole new ball game. You can’t learn about it at school, and you can’t have a late start.

You think you're big time? You're gonna ****in' DIE big time!

You’re over, man. You’re ****in’ in the history books. That’s where you are, man. So you might as well ****in’ kill me now, ‘cause if I ever see you again, swear to god, I’m gonna ****ing kill you.

Your Honour with all due respect, past and present, and without further to-do. Let me assure this court that I am through walkin’ on the wild side. That’s all I’ve been tryin’ to tell you. I have been sick with the social ills known in the ghetto. But my time in the sterling correction facilities of Green Haven and Sing Sing have not been in vain. I’ve been cured! Born again, like the Watergaters. I know you heard this rap before. Your Honour, I mean it. This is the truth. I changed. I changed, and it didn’t take no thirty years like Your Honour thought, but only five. That’s right, sir, five years. And look at me. Completely rehabilitated, reinvigorated, reassimilated and finally going to be relocated, and I want to thank a lot of people for that. I look over there and I see that man there, Mr Norwalk. I want to thank you, sir, for making the tapes in an illegal fashion. I would like to thank the Court Of Appeals, for reversing you, Your Honour. And I want to thank Almighty God without whom no case gets tossed.