The Butterfly Effect

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Evan Treborn
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[after handless Evan has just tried to commit suicide by drowning himself in the bathtub]
Tommy: You forgot to put the toaster on the ledge.
Evan: Lenny likes Poptarts. You guys are all the better now.
Tommy: I know it's hard but you can't give up.
Evan: I can't even ****ing kill myself.
Tommy: Don't talk like that.

Thumper: Maybe there's a reason you've repressed the day some pervert had you in your tighty-whities.
[glances at Evan's journals]
Thumper: Hey Man, I'd think twice about what you're doing. You could wake up a lot more ****ed up than you are now.
Evan: More ****ed up than I am? You think you know me? I don't even know me!

Kayleigh Miller: Where'd you learn those new tricks?
Evan: What? It... it wasn't... weird... was it?
Kayleigh Miller: Yeah, if you call multiple orgasms weird!

Evan: I just thought that you should know.
Kayleigh Miller: Know what?
Evan: That you were happy once... with me.
Kayleigh Miller: You know there's one major hole in your story, there is no ****ing way on this planet, nor any other I would ever be in some ****ing sorority.
Evan: [Whispering] You were happy there...

[in the reality where Kayleigh is with Lenny]
Evan: So, do you think it might have worked?
Kayleigh: Yeah... But that's not how things wound up... I'm with Lenny, Lenny is your friend... and that's where it ends.
Evan: Whoa... Would it make a difference if I told you that no one could possibly ever love anyone as much as I love you?
[Kayleigh is flattered by Evan's compliment]
Evan: ...I am not saying that, I am just saying it like if you were a girl, would that be something you would want to hear?

Evan: Where's Kayleigh?
Lenny: Who's Kayleigh?
[Evan looks confused]
Lenny: You want me to take you to the doctor?
Evan: No, I think everything's gonna be all right this time.

Kayleigh: Here, do you want a granola bar?
[Evan fumbles with it as she tries to put the granola bar into his prosthetic hand, and breaks the granola bar in half]
Evan: Yeah, I gotta fix these things or something.