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Peter Evans

Agnes: You don't sound like you're from Oklahoma.
Peter: I'm from Beaver.
Agnes: Well, we're all from beaver, ain't we?

Agnes: You tried to kill me.
Jerry Goss: That was a rough one, yeah. I was bad to drink back then.
Agnes: Oh, back before you found God?

Jerry Goss: Who was that boy up in here last night?
Agnes: Have you been watching my place?

Peter: I am the drone.
Agnes: I am the mother queen.

Peter: [on why he hasn't been with a woman for a long time] I just decided it wasn't worth it anymore.
Agnes: What wasn't?
Peter: You have a centre right? A place inside of you that's just you, that hasn't been spoiled... And I think it's really important to try and keep that space sacred. In some sense, on some level, but... sex or relationships cloud that space... or, they cloud me I guess, they make it difficult to be just me and not have to worry about... being somebody else. I sound like a big asshole, don't I.

R.C.: Oh my God! You think an aphid did that?
Peter: I know what did it to me!
R.C.: Aphids can't bite!
Peter: You know a lot about aphids?
R.C.: No?
Peter: Do you know anything about aphids?
R.C.: No!
Peter: We do.

I'm not an axe murderer.