Brother Bear

Brother Bear quotes

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Kenai (Bear)
Kenai (Human)

The bear of love?

Those monsters are real scary. Especially with their sticks. (he and Kenai are looking at a picture of a man hunting with a spear)

A man wouldn't just sit here and do nothing!

How are you doing? Guess you didn't see the trap, huh? I saw it from a mile away! You must be pretty embarrassed! Don't worry... [whispered] I won't tell anyone!

No matter what you choose, you'll always be my little brother. Ha, ha. (When Kenai turns into a bear) Did I say "little"?

There is no trading!

I always wanted a brother.

Who wants to trade?

Uhh! Enough with the stories! I don't care about about the time you and Binky found... you know, the world's biggest pine cone ever!

Okay. So what I think is that we'll travel by day, sleep by night. My bedtime is an hour after sunset. Or I think...

How's it going, bear?

[silently] He needs me.

Hey, don't throw your fish bones over there! Someone could choke on that...

Koda... I did something very wrong.

[playing with his reflection in an iceberg] Skinny--fat. Skinny--fat!