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Calogero 'C' Anello

You gotta do what your heart tells you to do. Let me tell you something' right now. You're only allowed three great women in your lifetime. They come along like the great fighters, every ten years. Rocky Marciano, Sugar Ray Robinson, Joe Louis. Sometimes you get'em all at once. Me? I had my three when i was 16. That happens. What are you gonna do? That's the way it goes, you know? Tell you right now. See this girl? Maybe this girl, she put wind in your sails. Maybe she's your first great one.

We've been "mushed".

The saddest thing in life is wasted talent.

Sometimes in the heat of passion, the little head tells the big head what to do, and the big head should think twice about what you are doing.

It was great to be Catholic and go to confession. You could start over every week.

Priest: Don't be afraid, my son. No one is more powerful than god.
Calogero: I don't know about that, Father. Your guy may be bigger than my guy up there, but my guy is bigger than your guy down here.
Priest: You got a point.

Lorenzo: You stay away from the bar. You don't see me going to the bar do you?
Calogero: You mean Mom won't let you go either?
Lorenzo: What am I going to do with this kid?