Alma Beers Del Mar: You still go fishing with Jack Twist?
Ennis Del Mar: Not often.
Alma Beers Del Mar: You know, I used to wonder how come you never brought any trouts home. You always said you caught plenty, and you know how me and the girls like fish. So one night I got your creel case(ph) open the night before you went on one of your little trips — price tag's still on it after five years— and I tied a note to the end of the line. It said, 'Hello, Ennis, Bring some fish home. Love. Alma.' And then you come back looking all perky and said you caught a bunch of browners and you ate them up. Do you remember? I looked in that case first chance I got, and there was my note still tied there. That rod hadn't touched water in its life.
Ennis Del Mar: Don't mean nothing, Alma.
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