Susan: Hey, Flatfoot! You ain't gettin' no place. Come here.
Constable: Me?
Susan: Yes you. Come on. Haul it over. Haul it over. You want someone to talk, don't ya?
Constable: Well, it's about time. I certainly do.
Susan: Get me out of this cooler and I'll unbutton my puss and shoot the works.
Constable: Say, hold on, lady...Hey, you ain't no lady.
Susan: Yeah, I kinda had you fooled for a minute, didn't I?
Constable: You sure did.
Susan: I could make a sucker out of a copper. What did I tell ya my name was?
Constable: Why, your name is, uh...Susan Vance.
Susan: Vance, Kitty Vance — that's my society moniker. But the mob all calls me Swingin' Door Susie...Now ya pegged me. Come on, Toots. Open up, open up.
Constable: Stop that, stop that. I'm not openin' any doors around here until you promise to talk.
Susan: Listen, I'll talk. I'll talk so much it'll make your hair curl.
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