Dr. Lehman: You may have heard me lecture... I usually talk about nervous disorders. I am a psychiatrist.
Susan: Oh! Crazy people.
Dr. Lehman: We dislike the use of that word. All people who behave strangely are not insane...
Susan: What would you say about a man who follows a girl around...
Dr. Lehman: Follows her around...
Susan: And then when she talks to him he fights with her?
Dr. Lehman: Fights with you... Is the young man your fiancee?
Susan: Oh no, I don't know him. I never even saw him before today. [Blithely] No, he just follows me around and fights with me.
Dr. Lehman: Well, the love impulse in men very frequently reveals itself in terms of conflict.
Susan: The love impulse!
Dr. Lehman: Without my knowing anything about it, my rough guess would be that he has a fixation on you.
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