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Jan: Everyone comes to see you ladies anyway.
Missy: 'Cause we're such fine athletes.
Jan: Oh, live with it! You'll be fighting off major oglers while we're defending our sexuality.
Missy: What is your sexuality?
Les: Well, Jan's straight, while I'm... controversial.
Missy Are you trying to tell me you speak fag?
Les: Oh, fluently.

[Cliff's sister is washing cars in a bikini.]
Cliff: What are you doing?
Missy: Making money from guys oogling my goodies.
Cliff: Oh... oh, I didn't need to hear that. That was an overshare.
[Missy has called Torrance over.]
Missy: [to Cliff] Let's just get this over with. [to Torrance] My brother wants to check out your rack.
[Missy walks away; there's a moment of awkward silence.]
Cliff: You know, I begged my parents for a brother.
Torrance: He'd look a little ridiculous in that bikini, now wouldn't he?

Darcy: Remember, they give extra points for alacrity and effulgence.
Kasey: Did we... bring those?

Missy: I don't know what's scarier: neurotic cheerleaders, or the pressure to win. I could make a killing selling something like "Diet Prozac".

Missy: Forget Cliff. He's an idiot.
Torrance: He's your brother. You don't see him the way I do.
Missy: Yeah, and that's a good thing. 'Cause that would be a crime.