Bender: That was great, Claire. My image of you is totally blown.
Allison: You're a shit! Don't do that to her you swore to God you wouldn't laugh!
Bender: Am I laughing?
Andrew: You ****ing prick!
Bender: What do you care what I think, anyway? I don't even count, right? I could disappear forever and it wouldn't make any difference...I may as well not even exist at this school, remember? [to Claire] And you...don't like me anyway.
Claire: You know, I have just as many feelings as you do and it hurts just as much when somebody steps all over them!
Bender: God, you're so pathetic! Don't you ever, ever compare yourself to me! Okay? You got everything, and I got shit! ****in' Rapunzel, right? School would probably ****ing shut down if you didn't show up! "Queenie isn't here!" I like those earrings Claire.
Claire: Shut up.
Bender: Are those real diamonds, Claire?
Claire: Shut up!
Bender: I bet they are. Did you work, for the money, for those earrings?
Claire: Shut your mouth!
Bender: Or did your daddy buy those?
Claire: Shut up!
Bender: I bet he bought those for you! I bet those are a Christmas gift! Right? You know what I got for Christmas this year? It was a banner ****in' year at the old Bender family! I got a carton of cigarettes. The old man grabbed me and said "Hey! Smoke up Johnny!" Okay, so go home and cry to your daddy, don't cry here, okay?
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