[Andrew and Allison are walking down the hall to the teacher's lounge.] Andrew: So...what's your poison? [Allison doesn't respond.] What do you drink? [No response again.] Okay...forget I asked.
Allison: Vodka.
Andrew: Vodka. When do you drink Vodka?
Allison: Whenever.
Andrew: Do you drink it a lot?
Allison: Tons.
Andrew: Is that why you're here today? Why are you here--
Allison: Why are you here?
Andrew: I'm...here because my coach and my old man don't want me to blow my ride. You see, the coach thinks I'm a winner. My old man thinks I'm a winner. I'm not a winner 'cause I wanna be a winner. I'm a winner 'cause I have strength and speed, kinda like a race horse. Shows you how involved I am in everything that's happening to me.
Allison: Yeah? That's very...interesting. Now, why don't you tell me why you're really in here.
Andrew: Forget it.
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