Andrew: Leave her alone. I said leave her alone!
Bender: You gonna make me?
Andrew: Yeah.
Bender: You and how many of your friends?
Andrew: Just me, just you and me. Two hits. Me hitting you, you hitting the floor! Anytime you're ready, pal!
[John lightly pushes Andrew, but Andrew catches his hand and forces John to the ground.]
Bender: I don't wanna get into to this with you, man.
Andrew: (letting John go and rising up) Why not?
Bender: (getting up as well) 'Cause I'd kill you. It's real simple. I'd kill you and your ****ing parents would sue me and it would be a big mess and I don't care enough about you to bother.
Andrew: Chicken shit...
[Bender takes out a switchblade and stabs it into a chair.]
Andrew: Let's end this right now. You don't talk to her, you don't look at her [Meanwhile, Allison steals the switchblade.] and you don't even think about her! You understand me?
Bender: I'm trying to help her.
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