Robert the Bruce: [after William is betrayed] Father! You. Rotting. Bastard. Why? Why?
Robert Bruce, Sr.: Longshanks required Wallace. So did our nobles. That was the price of your crown.
Robert the Bruce: Die! I want you to die.
Robert Bruce, Sr.: Soon enough I'll be dead. And you'll be king.
Robert the Bruce: I don't want anything from you. You're not a man, and you're not my father.
Robert Bruce, Sr.: You are my son, and you have always known my mind.
Robert the Bruce: You deceived me.
Robert Bruce, Sr.: You let yourself be deceived. In your heart, you always knew what had to happen here. At last, you know what it means to hate. Now you're ready to be a king.
Robert the Bruce: My hate will die ... with you.
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