Born on the Fourth of July

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Ron Kovic

Ron Kovic: When I was in the hospital, I thought, yeah - yeah, this makes sense.
Timmy Burns: What makes sense?
Ron Kovic: Because I failed, Timmy.
Timmy Burns: What are you talking about?
Ron Kovic: Because I - I killed some - people; I made some terrible - mistakes!
Timmy Burns: Oh, for Christ's sake, Ronnie, we all made mistakes. I mean, you - you had no choice. That's something that those goddamn pansy demonstrators ain't never gonna understand! Now, you don't even have to talk about it, Ronnie; I mean, it was insane over there! It was crazy!
Ron Kovic: Sometimes I wish, I wish I'd - The first time I got hit, I was shot in the foot. I could have laid down, I mean - who gives a **** now if I was a hero or not? I was paralyzed, castrated that day; why? It was all so - stupid! I'd have my dick and my balls now, and some days, Timmy - some days I think I'd give everything I believe in - everything I got, all my values, just to have my body back again, just to be whole again. But I'm not whole; I never will be, and that's - that's the way it is, isn't it?
Timmy Burns: [after a slight pause] For Christ's sake, Ronnie, it's your birthday. You're alive. You made it! Smile.

Ron Kovic: We went to Vietnam to stop communism!... We shot women and children!
Mrs. Kovic: You didn't shoot women and children! What are you saying?
Ron Kovic: That was the war, communism, the insidious evil! They told us to go.
Mrs. Kovic: Yes, yes that's what they told us.
Ron Kovic: Thou shalt not kill, Mom. Thou shalt not kill women and children! Thou shalt not kill! Remember? Isn't that what you taught us? Isn't that what they taught us?
Mrs. Kovic: Stop it! Stop it!
Ron Kovic: But they're the evil, Mom. They're the ones we should be fighting. They lied to me growing up, they lied to all of us, but it's not gonna work anymore. Not for you... for me... for anybody else.
Mrs. Kovic: Stop it, stop it! As long as you're in this house, you will not talk that way. Eli, please stop him.
Mr. Kovic: Ron, come one now... you made your point.
Ron Kovic: No, I didn't make my point. Tell her, Dad. They're killing everybody now. It's all falling apart, Mom! King. Kenndy. Kent State. We all lost the war, Mom. ****ing Communism won! It's all for nothing! Tell her, Dad, it's all a lie. Tell her God's as dead as my legs. There's no God and there's no country. It's just me... and this wheelchair... forever.

Ron Kovic: In church they said that it's a sin if you play with your penis, I wish I could.
Mrs. Kovic: Don't say penis in this house!
Ron Kovic: Penis! Penis! Big ****ing erect penis! Penis!
Mrs. Kovic: Stop!

Ron Kovic: [confessing that he had accidentally killed their son in Vietnam] I'm sorry, I just had to come here to tell you. I've been afraid for years to come here and tell you. But, I've lived with this long enough. I can't live with it anymore... I can't bring him back. Forgive me... I want to live. I want to go on with my life. I'm sorry, but that's what happened. That's the way it happened, and I can't change a thing.
Mrs. Wilson: We understand, Ron. We understand the pain you've been going through.
Mr. Wilson: We understand, son, we do understand the way...these things happen... in war.
Jaimie Wilson: What's done is done, sir. I can't ever forgive you... but maybe the Lord can.