Ron Kovic: Why did the Russians beat us into space, Dad?
Mr. Kovic: Well, the Russians, they don't even bother feeding their people. They put all their money into weapons and things like that.
Ron Kovic: But we're supposed to be the best, right, Dad?
Mr. Kovic: You bet we are, but we've been pretty stupid too. We put the Russians back on their feet after World War II and they took Hungary, Poland, half of Europe - and they still want more.
Mrs. Kovic: Communism is an insidious evil, Ronnie. They don't believe in God and if we don't watch out, they're gonna take over this country someday.
Ron Kovic: But don't people know? Why don't we stop them? We're supposed to be the best. We can't let them take over our country, Dad, what's wrong?
Mr. Kovic: Well, people are scared of 'em... I think everybody's scared of 'em these days.
Ron Kovic: I'm not. I'm not scared of 'em! I hate the Communists. I really hate them. We're gonna come back and beat them someday.
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