Blood Simple

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Julian Marty
Loren Visser
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Visser: Anything else?
Marty: Yeah, don't come by here any more. If I need you again I know which rock to turn over.
Visser: [laughs] That's good... "which rock to turn over"... that's very good...Well, gimme a call whenever you wanna cut off my head...I can crawl around without it.

[to Marty] Stick your finger up the wrong person's ass?

Even the ****ing dog's gone crazy.

Meurice: Howdy stranger.
Ray: Meurice. Sorry I didn't show last night.
Meurice: Wasn't too busy. You missed a good one, though. This white guy walks in about one o'clock, asks if we have a discount for alcoholics... I tell him to get lost, but Marty's sitting here listening and I can tell he's thinking that maybe it ain't such a bad idea.

Visser: Something I got to ask you, Marty. I've been very very careful. Have you been very very careful?
Marty: Of course.
Visser: Nobody knows you hired me?
Marty: Don't be absurd, I wasn't about to tell anyone. This is an illicit romance--we've got to trust each other to be discreet. For richer, for poorer.
Visser: Don't say that. Your marriages don't work out so hot. How did you cover the money?
Marty: It's taken care of. The less you know about it the better. I just made a call about that. It'll look fine.
Visser: I must've gone money simple. This kind of's too damn risky.
Marty: Then you shouldn't have done it. Can't have it both ways. Count it if you want.
Visser: Nah, I trust ya. [shoots Marty]

Ray: I think someone's watching.
Abby: [turning on the light] So what'll they see?
Ray: Just leave it off. He can see in.
Abby: If you do anything the neighbors'll hear.
Ray: You think...Abby. I meant it... when I called.
Abby: I love you too.
Ray: Because you're scared.

Ray: [answering phone] Hello.
Marty: Having a good time?
Ray: What? Who is this?
Marty: I don't know, who's this? [pause] You still there?
Ray: Yeah, I'm still here.
[Marty hangs up]
Abby: Ray?
Ray: Yeah.
Abby: What was that?
Ray: Your husband.

Marty: What were you drinking, Debra?
Debra: Remy.
Marty: You've got a very sophisticated palate.
Debra: Thanks.
Marty: Give Debra here another drink, and give me the usual.
Debra: What's a palate? [she smiles]
Marty: Listen, I got tickets for the Oilers and the Rams next week in the Astrodome. Ever sat on the fifty yard line?
Debra: I don't follow baseball.
Marty: [laughs] You won't have to. I'll explain what a palate is.
Debra: You won't have to. I just wanted to see if you knew.

Meurice: Marty...I thought you were dead. Going home?
Marty: No. I think I'll stay right here in hell.
Meurice: Kind of a bleak point of view there, isn't it Marty?
Marty: Meurice...I don't want that asshole near my money. I don't even want him in the bar.
Meurice: We get a lot of assholes in here, Marty.

Lover-boy oughta lock his door. Lotta nuts out there.