Blood Simple

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Julian Marty
Loren Visser
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Ray: [answering phone] Hello.
Marty: Having a good time?
Ray: What? Who is this?
Marty: I don't know, who's this? [pause] You still there?
Ray: Yeah, I'm still here.
[Marty hangs up]
Abby: Ray?
Ray: Yeah.
Abby: What was that?
Ray: Your husband.

Visser: [about a photo of Ray and Abby] I know a place you can get that framed.
Marty: What did you take these for?
Visser: What do you mean? Just doin' my job.
Marty: You called me, I knew they were there, so what do I need these for?
Visser: Well, I don't know... Call it a fringe benefit.
Marty: How long did you watch her?
Visser: Most of the night...They'd just rest a few minutes and then get started again. Quite something.

Marty: You know in Greece they cut off the head of the messenger who brought bad news.
Visser: Now that don't make much sense.
Marty: No. It just made them feel better.
Visser: [laughs] Well first off, Julian, I don't know what the story is in Greece but in this state we got very definite laws about that. Second place I ain't a messenger, I'm a private investigator. And third place--and most important--it ain't such bad news. I mean you thought he was a colored. [He laughs] You're always assumin' the worst.

Visser: Anything else?
Marty: Yeah, don't come by here any more. If I need you again I know which rock to turn over.
Visser: [laughs] That's good... "which rock to turn over"... that's very good...Well, gimme a call whenever you wanna cut off my head...I can crawl around without it.

Marty: What were you drinking, Debra?
Debra: Remy.
Marty: You've got a very sophisticated palate.
Debra: Thanks.
Marty: Give Debra here another drink, and give me the usual.
Debra: What's a palate? [she smiles]
Marty: Listen, I got tickets for the Oilers and the Rams next week in the Astrodome. Ever sat on the fifty yard line?
Debra: I don't follow baseball.
Marty: [laughs] You won't have to. I'll explain what a palate is.
Debra: You won't have to. I just wanted to see if you knew.

Marty: So how long have you know Meurice?
Debra: About ten years.
Marty: So what're you doing tonight?
Debra: Going out with Meurice.
Marty: Tell him you have a headache.
Debra: It'll pass.
Marty: We don't seem to be communicating--
Debra: You want to hustle me. I don't want to be hustled. It's as simple as that. Now that I've communicated, why don't you leave?
Marty: I own the place.
Debra: Christ, I'm getting bored.
Marty: I'm not surprised, the company you've been keeping the last ten years.

Debra: [after Marty leaves] Nice guy.
Meurice: Not really. What'd you say your last name was?

Ray: Why d'you wanna leave all this?
Abby: You kidding? I don't wanna leave all this, I just wanna leave Marty.

Meurice: Howdy stranger.
Ray: Meurice. Sorry I didn't show last night.
Meurice: Wasn't too busy. You missed a good one, though. This white guy walks in about one o'clock, asks if we have a discount for alcoholics... I tell him to get lost, but Marty's sitting here listening and I can tell he's thinking that maybe it ain't such a bad idea.

Ray: Is Marty here?
Meurice: Not here tonight. Wasn't here last night. He's especially not back in his office.
Ray: Thanks Meurice.
Meurice: For what?

Ray: Am I fired? You wanna hit me? What?
Marty: I don't particularly want to talk to you.
Ray: Well... if you're not gonna fire me I might as well quit.
Marty: Fine. Suit yourself...Having a good time?
Ray: I don't like this kind of talk.
Marty: Then what'd you come here for?
Ray: You owe me for two weeks.
Marty: Nope. She's an expensive piece of ass...You get a refund though, if you tell me who else she's been sluicing.
Ray: I want that money. If you wanna tell me something, fine--
Marty: What're you, a ****ing marriage counselor?
[Ray smiles]
Marty: What're you smiling at--I'm a funny guy, right, I'm an asshole? No, no, that's not what's funny. What's funny is her. What's funny is that I had you two followed because, if it isn't you, she's been sleeping with someone else...What's really going to be funny is when she gives you that innocent look and says, "What're you talking about, Ray, I haven't done anything funny." ...But the funniest thing to me right now is that you think she came back here for you--that's what's funny...Come on this property again and I'll be forced to shoot you...Fair notice.

Meurice: Marty...I thought you were dead. Going home?
Marty: No. I think I'll stay right here in hell.
Meurice: Kind of a bleak point of view there, isn't it Marty?
Marty: Meurice...I don't want that asshole near my money. I don't even want him in the bar.
Meurice: We get a lot of assholes in here, Marty.

Marty: Got a job for you.
Visser: Well, if the pay's right and it's legal I'll do it.
Marty: It's not strictly legal.
Visser: If the pay's right I'll do it.
Marty: It's, uh... it's in reference to that gentleman and my wife. The more I think about it the more irritated I get.
Visser: Yeah? Well how irritated are you?
[Marty doesn't answer.]
Visser: [laughs] Gee, I'm sorry to hear that. Can you tell me what you want me to do or is it a secret?
Marty: Listen, I'm not--this isn't a joke here.
Visser: You want me to kill 'em.
Marty: I didn't say that. [pause] Well?
Visser: Well what?
Marty: What do you think?
Visser: You're an idiot.
Marty: So, uh... this wouldn't interest you.
Visser: I didn't say that. All I said was you're an idiot. Hell, you been thinking about it so much it's driving you simple.

Visser: I'm supposed to do a murder--two murders--and just trust you not to go simple on me and do something stupid. I mean real stupid. Now why should I trust you?
Marty: For the money.
Visser: The money. Yeah. That's a right smart bit of money.

Abby: [in a strip joint] Looks like the state legislature is out of session.
Meurice: I thought this is where they met.