Blood Diamond

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Danny Archer
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You know in America it's "bling, bling", but out here it's "bling, bang".

Solomon: You are how old?
Archer: Me? I'm 31.
Solomon: Do you have no wife?
Archer: No.
Solomon: children?
Archer: No.
Solomon: ...and no home?
Archer: No.
Solomon: But you have money, yes?
Archer: No...some.
Solomon: ...but not enough?
Archer: No
Solomon: If ya get this diamond, you will have enough money, yes?
Archer: Yes.
Solomon: ...and you will get the wife and children.
Archer: Probably not, no.
[Solomon chuckles]
Archer: What?
Solomon: ...I'm confused.
Archer: Yeah? ...Makes two of us my brü.

Cordell: Smoking'll kill you brü..
Archer: Only if I live, huh?

We thought we were fighting communism, but in the end it was all about who gets what, you know? So one day I decided "**** it, I'm gonna get mine."

Archer: Who do you think got you out of jail, huh!? That makes us partners!
Solomon: I am NOT your partner!

Maddy: You're using him.
Danny Archer: I am using him and you are using me and this is how it works

[to Maddy] Well, off the record, I like to get kissed before I get ****ed.

That diamond is my ticket out of this... godforsaken continent.

When's the last time the world wasn't falling apart?

The only reason you're still alive is because you haven't told anyone where it is.

[As Archer is dying of a bullet wound]
Unknown person: Archer, you're a dead man!
Archer: Ja ja.