Blood Diamond

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Danny Archer
Multiple Characters

When's the last time the world wasn't falling apart?

Who do you think buys the stones I bring out, dreamy American girls who want a story book wedding and a big shiny rock. It's like the ones they see in the advertisements in your politically correct magazines, so please, don't come here and make judgements on me, alright. I provide a service, the world wants what we have, and they want it cheap. We're in business together, get over yourself, darling.

We thought we were fighting communism, but in the end it was all about who gets what, you know? So one day I decided "**** it, I'm gonna get mine."

Maddy: [To Danny] So what are you... a smuggler?

M'ed: This is my country, man. We here long 'fore you came.. long after you're gone.

Solomon Vandy: [To his son] I will find you... if it takes my life.

Captain Poison: Young man, young man, you must understand! The government wants you to vote, oke? They say 'The future is in your hands!'... We are the future, so we take your hands! No more hands, no more voting!

Commander Zero: Maybe we just kill you and take away what you bring (lapses into Creole).
Archer: Then you get one more dead body, instead of aeroplane way-full with grenade launchers!
Archer: So I think I'm gon' go to dem government! Dem government, at least dey gon' pay me!
Commander Zero: Wait, wait, my friend. Here is what you want. (Takes out a can full of diamonds) So many, I don't know what do with them all. Hey Archer! Next time, you bring a satellite TV, eh? I want see Baywatch!
Archer: Ja ja.

Archer: Ah Christ...I've gotta quit smoking, huh?
Solomon: Why don't you?
Archer: I tell you what, Solomon. You find me this diamond, I'll quit right then and there, huh! (hah)

Cordell: Smoking'll kill you brü..
Archer: Only if I live, huh?

(After the colonel been shot on his chest)
Colonel: T.I.A., huh, Danny?
Archer: T.I.A.
(Archer shoots the colonel as the colonel draws his gun again)