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Hannibal King

[after watching Blade casually kill a familiar] You know, one of these days, you might want to consider sitting down with someone. You know, have a little share time? Get in touch with your inner child? Also - just a thought - but, you just might want to consider blinking once in a while. [Blade stops and slowly turns to look at Hannibal] Sorry, I, uh... I ate a lot of sugar today.

There is an old saying: Kill one man, you're a murderer. Kill a million, a king. Kill them all, a god.

[A FBI member asks him how many people he killed] 1, 182. But they were all familiars. People who work for them.

Why don't you take a sugar frosted **** off the end of my dick?

I picked Danica up in a bar, spent the next five years playing hide-and-go-suck as her little vampire cabana boy. Eventually Abigail found me, Sommerfield managed to treat me with a cure, and now I kill them. And that's basically turning a frown upside down.

[Drake asks if he is ready to die] I was born ready, mother****er!

You see, when you join this little club of ours, you get a nifty little tracking device surgically implanted into your body. Then, when one of us goes missing, the others check the satelite, which is in space, and presto. Instant cavalry. [Vampire starts laughing] Yeah you like that, huh? [ chuckles] Go **** your sister.

You horse-humping bitch! (yelled at Danica)

[Walking down hallway and comes across vampire pomeranian.] **** me. [two vampire rottweilers show up] **** me sideways!

[To Blade in his true form] Are you ready to die, mother****er?

[first lines] In the movies, Dracula wears a cape, and some old English guy manages to save the day at the last moment with crosses and holy water. But everyone knows the movies are full of shit. The truth is, it began with Blade, and it ended with Blade. The rest of us were just along for the ride.

[Blade and Abigail walk into Hannibal's hospital room] Hey Blade, I got a question for you... Let's say we succeed in wiping out all the vampires. What then? Huh? Ever ask yourself that? I mean, somehow I don't picture you teaching Karat-ay at the local Y.

Blade. Ready to die?

Mother****er. I like that.

[To a familiar] Go. You've got twenty seconds. [The familiar runs] Twenty. [Shoots him]