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Hannibal King

Hannibal King: You're gonna be sorry you did that.
Asher Talos: Why? [Kicks him] No one's coming for you, King-shit.
Hannibal King: Sure they are. See, when you join our club, you get all these groovy little door prizes. And one of them is this nifty little tracking node surgically implanted in your body. That way, if one of us goes missing, the others check the satelite, which is in space... and presto. Instant cavalry. [Asher starts mockingly clapping] You like that? Go **** your sister.
Jarko Grimwood: Yeah. [Hits King in the back of the head]
Danica Talos: Okay, King. Where's this little "tracking node" of yours?
Hannibal King: It's in my right ass cheek. [Danica slaps him] Fine. It's in my left ass cheek. [Danica slaps him] Okay, seriously, now. It's in the meat of my butt just below the Hello Kitty tattoo. [Danica kicks him in the groin] Seriously, just pull down my tightie-whities and see for yourself.
Danica Talos: Enough! It's not funny anymore.
Hannibal King: No, it's not you horse-humping BITCH! But it will be a few seconds from now. See that tickle that you're feeling in the back of your throat right now? It's atomized collital silver. It's being pumped through the buildings air conditioning systems you ****-juggling THUNDER****!! [Jarko Grimwood coughs a fire ball] Which means the fat lady... should be singing... right... about... NOW! [Nothing happens] This is awkward. [Still nothing] Do you have a cell phone?

Jarko Grimmwood: Hey, dickface. You seen my dog?
Hannibal King: Have you tried the lobby? [Grimmwood grabs him by the throat] Thank you. [Grimmwood throws him against a wall] ****...
Jarko Grimmwood: Come on, King.
Hannibal King: ...this.

Dracula: Blade. Ready to die?
Blade: [Unsheathes his sword] Was born ready, mother****er.
Dracula: Mother****er. I like that.

[Drake asks if he is ready to die] I was born ready, mother****er!

[A cell phone rings while he is holding a familiar upside-down] Oh, it's you!

[To a baby] Cootchie-Coo.

So the movies are true.

"[Looking at Hannibal King's sticker- Hello my name is **** YOU] Is this supposed to be tactical?"

You **** JUGGLING THUNDER ****!!! (yelled at Danica)

You horse-humping bitch! (yelled at Danica)

Why don't you take a sugar frosted **** off the end of my dick?

You see, when you join this little club of ours, you get a nifty little tracking device surgically implanted into your body. Then, when one of us goes missing, the others check the satelite, which is in space, and presto. Instant cavalry. [Vampire starts laughing] Yeah you like that, huh? [ chuckles] Go **** your sister.

There is an old saying: Kill one man, you're a murderer. Kill a million, a king. Kill them all, a god.

Blade. Ready to die?

Mother****er. I like that.