(Yurek, Twombly, and Nelson have reached the first crash site.)
Sgt. Yurek: We gotta go.
Twombly: (taps Nelson to get his attention) Shawn - Shawn, listen. Sergeant Yurek's gonna run first. Now, when he gets across the street, he's gonna turn around and he's gonna cover you as you run. Okay? Listen closely: when you get there, you are gonna turn around and you're gonna cover me. Okay?
(Nelson nods, then stands and gets ready to run.)
Twombly: Now, you're not just gonna run to Eversmann's position. You're gonna stop, you're gonna turn around, and you are gonna cover me. It's important you understand that. Okay, you ready?
Yurek: Yeah, I guess.
Twombly: (to Nelson) Hey - don't forget.
Nelson: WHAT?
Twombly: (with exaggerated enunciation) Don't- forget.
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