(Twombly and Nelson have linked up with Sgt. Yurek, another cut-off member of Chalk Four.)
Twombly: Dude, where the **** have you been? Never mind. You brought NOD, right?
Yurek: No. No, I didn't bring it. You wanna know why? Because you said, "You won't need that, dude, we'll be back in a half hour."
Twombly: Well, I wasn't saying it to you. Man, we are gonna need night vision!
Yurek: Nelson, cover this way. (Nelson seemingly ignores him; Yurek turns Nelson to face him.) What's the matter with you?
Nelson: HUH?
Twombly: Oh, uh, he's deaf. It's-it's my fault. We need to get out of here.
Yurek: We can't be far from the crash. Which way?
Twombly: We thought you might know.
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