Sgt Struecker: All right, gather around! Durant's 6-4 is down. We're going back in to get him.
SP4 Thomas: That's crazy! Is there even anyone alive on that?
Struecker: Doesn't matter. No one gets left behind, you know that. All right, refit, max out ammo and grenades. You got five.
Struecker (sees Sizemore suited up): Sizemore, where are you going?
Sizemore: With you guys.
Struecker: Not with that cast on, you're not. (Sizemore tries to cut cast with knife) okay-okay-okay, go get your K-pot.
Struecker: Hey - talk to me.
Thomas: I can't go back out there.
Struecker: Thomas, everyone feels the same way you do, all right? It's what you do right now that makes a difference. It's your call. Hoo-ah?
Thomas (after long pause): Hoo-ah.
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