Sgt. Sanderson: Captain Steele, we gotta move or we're gonna get pinned down!
Capt. Steele: We are moving just as fast as we can. Now you do your job and let me do mine. Over.
Capt. Steele: What the **** are you doing out there?
Sgt. Sanderson: I'm doing my job. Now we gotta get to that crash site. We gotta get out on that street, and we gotta move. And you have got to keep up, sir!
Steele: Don't you ever give me orders, Sergeant! We are combat ineffective, you understand me? We got too many damn wounded to move!
Sanderson: Then give me some of your shooters and I'll circle us to the bird.
Steele: Grimes, you're with Chalk Four? (Grimes nods) All right, hook up with Delta and link up with Sergeant Eversmann. The rest of you men secure this position and treat the wounded. We'll wait for the convoy. Then we'll rally at the crash site. Roger?
Sanderson: My guys, let's go!
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