(CWO Mike Durant's helicopter has taken an RPG hit.)
Col. Matthews: Super Six-Four, you all right?
Durant: This is Super Six-Four. We're good.
Matthews: You sure? You look like you got clipped pretty good.
Durant: Instrument panels are okay. No, we're good. Got a slight vibration in the pedals, but we're good.
Matthews: All right, put her down on the airfield, Super Six-Four. Have it checked out just to be safe.
Durant: Roger. (To copilot) Ray, I'm getting a lot of movement in these pedals. Check the systems again.
(En route to the airfield, tail rotor assembly disintegrates.)
Durant: We lost the tail rotor, it's gone. Six-four is going down! Six-four is going in hard! Six-four is going down! We're going down! RAY!
Gen. Garrison: Get Struecker's column back out there. They need to get to Durant's crash site fast. I want 'em out of there. All of them.
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