Nelson: The humvees ain't coming back, dude.
Twombly: What? Were we supposed to go to them?
Nelson: I thought they were supposed to come to us.
Twombly: I think we're supposed to go to them.
Nelson: Shit.
Twombly: Okay, let's go to the crash site.
Nelson: Okay. Just don't fire that thing so close to my head. I can barely hear as it is.
(Twombly spots a group of Somali militia closing in on them.)
Twombly: Shit! Get down! (He fires a long burst inches above Nelson's head.)
Nelson: What did I just tell you? I swear to God if you do that again -- (Twombly fires on another group of armed Somalis; Nelson screams.)
Twombly: You okay? Nelson, you all right?
Nelson: WHAT?!?
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