(Super Six One, Wolcott's Black Hawk helicopter, has taken an RPG hit; radio exchange follows.)
CWO Wolcott: This is Super Six One, I'm hit. I'm hit. Bull, you wanna pull those PCL's off-line, or what?
CWO "Bull" Briley: Right, babe.
CWO Wolcott: Six-one going down, Six-one going down. Hold on! Ah... (he breaks off on impact with the ground)
Col. Harrell: We got a Black Hawk down. We got a Black Hawk down.
Col. Matthews: Super 6-1 is down. We got a bird down in the city.
Unidentified Voice: Super 6-1 is on the deck now.
Gen. Garrison: Get an MH-6 on site, check for survivors. Send in the S.A.R. bird. I want ground forces to move and secure a new perimeter around that crash site. Can you guide the convoy in there?
Matthews: Roger that.
Garrison: Well, move quick. The whole damn city will be coming down on top of them. (Off radio, to executive officer) We just lost the initiative.
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