General Garrison: Same mission template as before. At 1545 Assault Force Delta will infiltrate the target building and seize all suspects within. Security force, Rangers. Four Ranger chalks under command of Captain Steele will rope in at 1546 and hold a four-corner perimeter around the target building. No one gets in or out. Extraction force, Lieutenant Colonel McKnight's humvee column, will drive in at 1547 on Hawlwadig Road and hold just short of the Olympic Hotel, here, and wait for the green light. Now, once Delta gives the word, McKnight's column will move to the target building and load the prisoners on flatbed trucks. Immediately after the trucks are loaded the four Ranger chalks will collapse back to the target building, load up on humvees, and the entire ground force will exfil the three miles back to base. Mission time from incursion to extraction, no longer than thirty minutes.
[Cut to Matthews, McKnight and Harrell having a conversation on Garrison's briefing]
Colonel Matthews: What's the matter, Danny? Something you don't like?
Lt.Col. McKnight: No Spectre gunships, daylight instead of night, mid-afternoon when they're all ****ed up on khat, only part of the city where Aidid can mount a serious counterattack on short notice... what's not to like?
Colonel Harrell: Life's imperfect.
McKnight: Yeah, for you two, circling above it at five hundred feet, it's imperfect. Down in the street... it's unforgiving.
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