Mitch Brenner: Doesn't this make you feel awful... having all these poor little innocent creatures caged up like this?
Melanie Daniels: Well, we can't just let them fly around the shop, you know.
Mitch Brenner: No, I suppose not. Is there an ornithological reason for keeping them in separate cages?
Melanie Daniels: Well certainly, it's to protect the species.
Mitch Brenner: Yes, I suppose that's important, especially during the moulting season.
Melanie Daniels: That's a particularly dangerous time.
Mitch Brenner: Are they moulting now?
Melanie Daniels: Some of them are.
Mitch Brenner: How can you tell?
Melanie Daniels: Well, they get a sort of hang-dog expression.
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