Canino: Why're you tailin' Marlowe?
Jones: All right, there's no harm tellin'. It's for Joe Brody's girl - she's gotta get out of town. That takes dough. She figured she could get it through Marlowe.
Canino: Why would he pay?
Jones: You know about the night the kid [Lundgren] bumped Brody. Well, the young Sternwood girl was there. Only Marlowe didn't tell the cops that. So Agnes figured it was railroad fare, so she'd get hold of it. You get it?
[Canino pulls his gun]
Canino: Where's the girl [Agnes]? You want me to count three or something, like a movie? You're nervous, ain't ya? Maybe you need a drink...Well drink it! What do you think it is, poison? I'll bet that Agnes of yours wouldn't turn it down.
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