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Bedknobs and Broomsticks

Bedknobs and Broomsticks quotes

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Miss Price
Mr. Browne

Miss Price: Supper is at six. You will wash, thoroughly—
Charlie: Wash?!
Miss Price: You will wash yourselves, otherwise there will be no supper.
[Miss Price leaves the room.]
Charlie: A house of horrors, that's what this is.
[Charlie notices an odd bottle on a shelf in Miss Price's office.]
Charlie: Poisoned dragon's liver?!
Miss Price: Poisoned dragon's liver.

Mr. Browne: I will cause the bed and all its occupants to disappear.
Bookman: Disappear? I'd like to see a cheap jack entertainer do a trick like that.
Mr. Browne: Cheap jack entertainer. Now that was naughty.

Children and I don't get on.

[reading from Professor Browne's letter] "Technically a witch is always a lady except when circumstances dictate otherwise."

Victory for England, and St George!

You see, Colonel, things are not always what they seem to be.

[Miss Price, after turing the lion into a rabbit.]
Oh, bother. I do hate shoddy work.

Women always lose things.

[An old man is playing dreary music on a piano which he is selling.]
Oh, Grandpa, you don't expect to sell a piano like that, do you?

[Mr. Browne is approached by two scantily-clad dancers who take him by either arm.]
Lovely to see you—goodbye!

The college, alas, is now defunct.

Will you please get this child off my leg?

Stallkeeper: The snippers that clipped old King Edward's cigars.
Mr. Browne: Made in Hong Kong—two bob a dozen, I'd say.

Bookman: Close your mouth, Swinburne!
Mrs. Hobday: Another package from Professor Emelius Browne in London. He sent you a cat last time, did he not?
Charlie: Knock his block off!

[A British army officer's car stops at a junction on a country road where an elderly man is painting over signposts.]
Captain Greer: You there! Which way to Pepperinge Eye?
Elderly Man: Couldn't say, sir—said on the wireless to paint out the signposts in case the Nazis drop in.
Captain Greer: I'm not a Nazi, I'm a British officer!
Elderly Man: ...that's what you say if you was a Nazi, isn't it sir?